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MMEA 2013 All State Festival Registration
All State Concert:  March 2,  2013
Symphony Hall, Boston

All State Concert Fees
2013 All State Student Registration Fee:  $300.00

Festival Registration

Registration for All-State Festival is open now through 1/5/13.
Cutoff Scores

All-State Festival Tickets
Special Notice - PLEASE READ!

New Rules for All State Concert tickets:

To parents and families that have not ordered concert tickets in advance:

  • Mail orders can no longer be honored as I cannot guarantee they will reach me and I can return tickets to you before the concert.
  • Students may purchase concert tickets at the festival on Thursday and Friday during breakfast and lunch times at the student registration desk in the World Trade Center.  These tickets will be placed in "will call" for pick up under the recipient's name at Symphony Hall on Saturday. 
  • Ticket orders that were placed but which did not include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return will also be put in "will call" for pick up on Saturday. 

Again, we remind families that

Tom Walters, MMEA Treasurer


Festival Registration

All-State Audition Results and Festival Registration:  All State Audition Results are in!
Please log into the All State database and click on Audition Results to view the list of all students accepted into the 2013 All State Ensembles, and to register them for the festival. Congratulations to all who auditioned Saturday, December 15!

While logged in, click on Festival Registration to register your students before the January 5 deadline! At the time you register each student for the Festival, please identify the student's gender and optionally supply the name of the student's choice of roommate. Please note that students eligible to participate in the Festival MUST BE REGISTERED in order to participate.

Hotel information: For conference hotel information, please use the Concert menu link.

All-State Packet: Please click on the links below to access the All-State packet information from Christine Carter, the All State Concert Coordinator. This packet contains information for both directors and students.

  1. 2013 All State Packet
  2. 2013 All State Final Instructions
  3. 2013 Hypno parental consent form
  4. 2013 Chaperone Form
  5. 2013 Chaperone Duty Information
  6. 2013 Chaperone times and schedule
  7. 2013 Ticket order form
  8. 2013 T-shirt order form


Hotel information: For conference hotel information, please visit the Concert page.

Directions to the Seaport Hotel:  Directions to the Seaport Hotel can be found here.

Reminders to Directors:
REMINDER #1:  Do not assume that, because your students are above the cutoff score and are eligible to register for the festival, they are automatically registered:  THEY ARE NOTYou must follow the same procedure as you did to register them to audition. Please register your students as soon as possible so that we will have that information available to get to the hotels as quickly as we can.

REMINDER #2:  All student medical forms should have been submitted on audition day, Please contact Christine Carter, Concert Coordinator, if you still have them or have not sent them to her.

REMINDER #3:  The payment process: Principal forms, along with checks or purchase orders, must be postmarked and on their way to the Executive Director by February 4.  We will not be accepting payment on the day you arrive in Boston.

FINAL REMINDER:  The student handbook / packet is available at the links above.  Please make sure you, your students, and their parents are well aware of the rules and policies governing the festival.